Ahhhhh…..CyberPunk 2077 is finally here…what a breath of fresh air and optimism of what this game brings to the table. Personally, I heard about this game some time last year on Facebook scrolling through random videos. The plot and idea of the game really caught my eye while not even mentioning the presence of Keanu Reaves as one of the main “protagonists” in the game. I have protagonist in quotes because I’m not exactly sure what role he plays in the story in regards to the main character V.

The game starts you off by creating your personalized characters looks then choosing his starting attributes and lastly his “Character Path” which determines how the character starts the game and effects multiple aspects of the game going forward. I chose the path “Nomad” which basically makes me somewhat apart of a clan that roams the desserts outside of Night City.

CyberPunk has been in development for over a decade but still faces some minor bugs and glitches during regular game play. These bugs don’t make the game unplayable, and also is understandable for the expansiveness and complexity that the game currently possesses. I believe as time progresses and as the studio begins to release updates the game will become more polished and refined.

I’m currently taking my time with the game and enjoying all that it has to offer. I’m sure once I’m much more progressed I can have more feedback into the longevity of interest the game has on me.